Which of the following bonds has the greatest interest rate price risk

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Interest Rate Risk

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Which of the following has the greatest interest rate (price) risk?

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Chapter 10 Practice Problems - FINC. Chapter 10 for FINC Final. The three types of risk faced by investors in domestic bonds include all of the following EXCEPT: a. exchange rate risk b.

Six biggest bond risks

credit risk c. interest rate risk Which of the following bonds has the greatest interest rate risk? a. a 5 year, 10% coupon bond. Duration risk is the name economists give to the risk associated with the sensitivity of a bond’s price to a one percent change in interest rates.

For more information, see FINRA's alert, Duration—What an Interest Rate Hike Could Do to Your Bond Portfolio. Which one of the following bonds has the greatest interest rate risk?

a. 9-year; 7 percent coupon b. 9-year; 9 percent coupon c. 5-year; 7 percent coupon d.

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5-year; 9 percent coupon e. 7-year; 7 percent. Interest-rate risk is the risk that the value of a bond will fluctuate as a result of a change in the level of interest rates. Like all fixed rate bonds, fixed rate corporates rise in value when interest rates fall, and they fall in value when interest rates rise.

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Which of the following bonds has the greatest interest rate price risk? a A year $ annuity. b A year, $1, face value, zero coupon bond. c A year, $1, face value, 10% coupon bond with annual interest payments. d All year bonds have the same price risk %(2).

Which of the following bonds has the greatest interest rate price risk
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Which Bond has the Greatest Interest Rate Risk?