The sources of international competitive advantage

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Industry trends

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The Theory of Comparative Advantage - Overview

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importance of resource-based sources of competitive advantage in one of the industries studied on this module. You should discuss a range of companies. ‘Competitive advantage’ is when a firm sustains profits that exceed the average for its industry.

In Certain Cases Porter's Diamond of Competitive Advantage May Not Be an Appropriate Framework for the Analysis of a Nation's Sources of Competitive Advantage. Since its publication inMichael Porter's book The Competitive Advantage of Nations has attracted much consideration.

International trade has flourished over the years due to the many benefits it has offered to different countries across the globe. International trade is the exchange of services, goods, and capital among various countries and regions, without much hindrance.

The international trade accounts for a good part of a country’s gross domestic product. Intangible Assets as a Source of Competitive Advantage Words | 9 Pages. Intangible Assets as a Source of Competitive Advantage Look No Further Managing Intangibles seems to be a smart idea.

But to bet on it, one has to create a whole new organization. The Cost Leadership Strategy. Porter's generic strategies are ways of gaining competitive advantage – in other words, developing the "edge" that gets you the sale and takes it away from your competitors.

Competitive Advantage

Note: According to Porter, these Five Forces are the key sources of competitive pressure within an industry. He stressed that it is important not to confuse them with more fleeting factors that might grab your attention, such as industry growth rates, government interventions, and technological innovations.

The sources of international competitive advantage
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