The scots guards on tumbledown mountain

Battle of Mount Tumbledown

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Battle of Mount Tumbledown 13th June 1982

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Robert Lawrence (British Army officer)

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Battle of Mount Tumbledown

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Battle for Mount Tumbledown

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Scots Guards

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Bythe west end of Tumbledown Mountain had been taken but, as a result of fierce hand-to-hand fighting, it took another seven hours to reach the summit and it took until on June 14 th to secure the mountain.

The Scots Guards lost 8 men killed while the Royal Engineers lost 1 man. By a.m., the Scots Guards had gained the high ground east of Tumbledown Mountain and the Gurkhas commenced deploying across the heavily shelled saddle from Tumbledown south to Mount William, which they took with the loss of 13 wounded.

Battle of Mount Tumbledown (part 2) Night attack At 9 p.m., half an hour after the start of the diversionary attack, Major Iain Dalzel-Job's G Company.

After the battle on Mount Tumbledown James Riddell, Pipe Major for the 2nd Scots Guards climbed to the top of the mountain. At the top he played a tune he had written to commemorate the battle.

It is said that he wrote the tune on the back of a pack of cigarettes but it. Second Battalion, Scots Guards were part of the second wave of British land forces committed to the Falklands War.

Lawrence wrote about his experience in the Scots Guards at the Battle of Mount Tumbledown when, in his moment of victory on the eastern slopes, he was almost killed when a bullet fired by an Argentine sniper tore off the side of his head. Jul 27,  · The enemy refused to budge and the Scots Guards could hear some of the Argentinians shouting obscene phrases in English and even singing as they fought.

Meanwhile, two Royal Navy frigates, HMS Yarmouth and HMS Active, were pounding Tumbledown with inch guns.

The scots guards on tumbledown mountain
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