The role of the serfs in the roman society

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Society in the Middle Ages

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Society in the Middle Ages

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Serfs in the Middle Ages

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What was life like in a feudal society?

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The church played an important role in their lives as the serfs looked up to the Church for additional assistance in difficult times. The serfs generously offered their labor and produce to their local church and were particularly instrumental in maintain the overall fabric of the church.

By the 6th century the servi, or serfs, as the servile peasants came to be called, were treated as an inferior element in society. Serfs subsequently became a major class in the small, decentralized polities that characterized most of Europe from the fall of the Roman Empire in the 5th century to the initial reconstitution of feudal monarchies, duchies, and counties in the 12th century.

Serfdom was introduced by the Roman Empire and most of the peasants in the Middle Ages were those who took over from their families who worked in Roman slavery. The church played an important role in their lives as the serfs looked up to the Church for additional assistance in difficult times.

Serfs in the middle ages had some form of. Serfs had a specific place in feudal society, as did barons and knights: The status of the helots in the ancient Greek city-state of Sparta resembled that of the medieval serfs.

By the 3rd century AD, the Roman Empire faced a labour shortage. Large Roman landowners increasingly relied on Roman freemen, acting as tenant farmers, instead of. Serfs generally do not exist any more, but to the medieval extent, serfs were peasants who farmed land that belonged to a nearby Lord.

They lived on the land, took care of it, and got food from it. Lords and Serfs in Medieval Europe The economic system of the Middle Ages was founded on feudalism, supporting the overlords with the work of serfs.

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The role of the serfs in the roman society
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What role did serfs play in Medieval Europe