The priorities of the fbi post

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12 Ways the FBI Has Radically Expanded and Abused Its Powers Since 9/11

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Jun 12,  · The FBI headquarters in Washington. (Cliff Owen/AP) Kushner's company, meanwhile, offered American visas to Chinese investors in exchange for investments of at. The director of the FBI says the whole of Chinese society is a threat to the US — and that Americans must step up to defend themselves.

FBI’s Number One Priority: “Protect the United States from Terrorist Attack” Activist Post. The official “primary function” of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, in case you hadn’t heard, is no longer law enforcement; spot the difference on this official FBI.

An FBI special agent in charge of the New York, office who oversaw that district’s counterintelligence programs, was named Tuesday as the new special agent in charge of the FBI’s Boston division.

The FBI's investigative programs include counterterrorism, counterintelligence, cyber, public corruption, civil rights, transnational organized.

Report: Clinton Foundation investigation a high priority at FBI The priorities of the fbi post
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