The new yankees stadium looks to the future

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2015 Topps Stadium Club Baseball Cards

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Yankees reportedly refusing to trade any top 10 prospects for Machado

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Didi Gregorius

The Yankees are refusing to trade any of their 10 top prospects in exchange for Manny Machado, reports the New York Post. Machado, who turne 26 earlier this month, has hit with 23 home runs.

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL Pitcher Sonny Gray #55 of the New York Yankees looks the runner at first base back in an MLB baseball game against the Minnesota Twins on April 25, on a foggy and. Aaron Judge has become one of the biggest names in Major League Baseball, though his road to stardom was a long and winding one.

From his time as a marginal prospect in high school to his selection by the Yankees in the first round of the Draft, Judge went through plenty of ups before emerging as the superstar you see today.

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Wow. The end is near. Batten the hatches, folk. The waters are about to rise. Buck Showalter's team just won a game to help the Yankees. Either that's a software glitch in The Matrix - have you, by chance, been seeing any mustached Italian plumbers flying overhead? - or the world is ending.

Yankees vs. Red Sox, Thursday at 7:05 p.m.

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The new yankees stadium looks to the future
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