The moon enceladus of saturn

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Eerie sounds emitted between Saturn and its moon Enceladus

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Saturn's moon Enceladus has all of the ingredients needed for life

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Moons of Saturn

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But under that every exterior may exist the very steps needed for life. “Saturn’s moon Enceladus has an ice-covered ocean, and a plume of material erupts from cracks in the ice,” said Professor Hunter Waite, of Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) in San Antonio.

Complex organic molecules — the building blocks of life — were found on Enceladus, making it the most promising place to search for life in the solar system. Gases found bubbling up through the ocean of Saturn's moon Enceladus may increase humanity's chances of finding extraterrestrial life.

On Saturn’s small moon Enceladus, perpetual fountains of alien seawater launch all sorts of curious stuff into space: water, salt, silica, and even simple carbon-containing compounds fly into.

Enceladus is an icy moon of Saturn that hides an ocean and sprays its water into space. NASA's Cassini spacecraft detected gases in the water that some Earth-based bacteria feed on.

The gases. Enceladus (/ ɛ n ˈ k ɛ l ə d ə s /; en-KEL-ə-dəs) is the sixth-largest moon of is about kilometers ( mi) in diameter, about a tenth of that of Saturn's largest moon.

The moon enceladus of saturn
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