The hospitality industry

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The Requirements in the Hospitality Industry

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What is the Hospitality Industry?

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Major Trends in the Hospitality Industry

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What Are The 4 Segments Of The Hospitality Industry

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Beneath few hospitality businesses need a basic service that responsibility need, like food or clothing. Visit Hospitality Net for up-to-the-minute hotel industry news, opinion articles, breaking news, hotel openings, appointments, industry events and conferences and feature stories.

Hospitality Net provides trusted world news as well as local and regional perspectives. Already popular in the hospitality space and other industries in Europe, SIP-DECT is a mobility-enabling alternative to VoWLAN and radio-based networks that’s starting to get attention in North America.

The hospitality industry covers many sectors. It goes beyond hotels and restaurants. Thought these still offer excellent international careers, the career scope is much wider. Sectors include events and entertainment, luxury retail, finance, as well as travel, tourism and culinary arts.

The 30 Best Hospitality Programs in the United States The hospitality industry is enormous, with hotels alone accounting for over half a trillion dollars (yes, TRILLION!) in revenues annually.

But the hospitality industry is much broader still, providing an array of rewarding management positions also in restaurants, event planning, theme parks, resort clubs, cruise lines, casinos, and even professional athletics.

The hospitality industry offers a broad number of occupations at all levels, which require different levels of education and training. Some workers deal directly with the public, providing services to customers, while others work in management.

Many jobs in the hospitality industry involve dealing with customers face-to-face in a variety of ways. But there are also behind-the-scenes jobs that include positions in sales, marketing, and accounting.

What Exactly is the Hospitality Industry? The hospitality industry
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