The halloween storm of 1991

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Halloween Blizzard/Ice Storm of 1991

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This Month in Climate History: Halloween Blizzard of 1991

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The Halloween Blizzard of 1991

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1991 Perfect Storm

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You can see the evolution of this development in this YouTube video clip with Stu Ostro’s analysis from The Weather Channel’s coverage of the storm.

The Halloween Blizzard of The Halloween Blizzard of As the Perfect Storm was morphing into an unnamed hurricane, a blizzard of historic proportions was raging over parts of the upper Midwest.

1991 Halloween blizzard

The path of this early-season winter storm was pretty remarkable. The Halloween Blizzard of The snowstorm that hit parts of the area starting around Halloween (October 31 - November 3) in was an impressive storm in many respects, and it is still remembered by many people across the Northland.

Oct 31,  · Whether you lived through it or have only heard the stories, the Halloween blizzard of was truly something to remember.

The neighborhood digs out along East Seventh Street in Duluth on Nov. 4,after the Halloween Blizzard dropped more than 36 inches of snow on the city, snarling business and travel for days.

InHalloween was no treat for many residents in parts of Iowa and Minnesota. The morning of October 31,a storm, which would eventually become known as the “Halloween Blizzard” in most of Minnesota and the “Halloween Ice Storm” in Iowa, began quickly moving northeastward through the Mississippi Valley.

1991 Halloween blizzard The halloween storm of 1991
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