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Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles: Hours, Address, Griffith Observatory Reviews: 5/5

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Brush Fire Breaks Out at Los Angeles’ Griffith Park

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Griffith Observatory

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This park is very large as it houses the Griffith Park Hiking Trail, Griffith Observatory, and The Greek Theater.

You can easily get lost around the area. We drove all the way up /5().

A brush fire burned about 25 acres in Griffith Park on Tuesday afternoon, sending thousands of visitors at the nearby observatory scrambling to get away from the smoke.

UPDATED: Authorities on Tuesday responded to a brush fire in Griffith Park, the large, mountainous park in Los Angeles that’s been featured in several famous movies. The Los Angeles Fire. Home to the Hollywood Sign, the Griffith Park Observatory, the original Batcave, wild animals including tarantulas, coyotes, deer, red-tailed hawks, and.

A brush fire broke out Tuesday afternoon in Griffith Park, sending up smoke that could be seen for miles and prompting the evacuation and closure of the nearby Griffith Observatory.

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