The great gatsby chapter 6

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The Great Gatsby Chapter 6 - Summary

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The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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In Chapter 6 of The Great Gatsby, what does Gatsby want from Daisy?

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The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Chapter 6 opens with an air of suspicion as a reporter comes to Gatsby, asking him "if he had anything to say." The myth of Gatsby was becoming so great by summer's end that he was rumored to be embroiled in a variety of plots and schemes, inventions that provided a source of satisfaction to Gatsby.

If Chapter 5 showed Gatsby achieving his dream, Chapter 6 demonstrates just how deeply his dream runs. Much of the mystery surrounding Gatsby is cleared away in this chapter and the reader learns more about who he really is, where he comes from, and what he believes.

Chapter 6 Summary. The next chapter begins with a reporter arriving at Gatsby’s, asking if he has any statement to give. Gatsby has no idea what he means, and it seems that the reporter is simply following up on vague rumors attached to Gatsby that even the reporter himself does not understand.

So he invented just the sort of Jay Gatsby that a seventeen-year-old boy would be likely to invent, and to this conception he was faithful to the end. 3 ‘My God, I believe [Gatsby is] coming,’ said Tom. A newspaper man from the city has heard the great rumors about this mysterious Mr.

Gatsby who throws lavish parties. He comes (in vain) to get information from Jay.; Nick decides to tell us the truth about Gatsby's past, since. Start studying The Great Gatsby - Chapter 6. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

The great gatsby chapter 6
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