The concerns of the reputation in the crucible

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Education with Integrity

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Read on for an overview of what a theme is, a list of important themes in The Crucible with specific act-by-act details, and a summary of how to use this information in your essays and other assignments.

This article is about Morality in Mass Effect 3. For Morality in Mass Effect, see Morality Guide. For Morality in Mass Effect 2, see Morality Guide (Mass Effect 2). Reverend Parris is most concerned about his reputation. Audiences are very aware of this concern of his early in the play.

His daughter, Betty, is sick on the bed, and nobody knows what is wrong. Reverend Parris is a character who cares much more about his own reputation and his own well-being than anyone else in the play, possibly even that of his own daughter.

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The concerns of the reputation in the crucible
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