The concept of the triple bottom line

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Triple bottom line

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Formal concept analysis

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Is this another business fad? I don't think so. Formal concept analysis (FCA) is a principled way of deriving a concept hierarchy or formal ontology from a collection of objects and their concept in the hierarchy represents the objects sharing some set of properties; and each sub-concept in the hierarchy represents a subset of the objects (as well as a superset of the properties) in the concepts above it.

Abstract. There is increasing evidence suggesting that environmental and social criteria are impacting the market in complex ways. The corporate world has demonstrated a willingness to respond to public pressure for improved performance on non–economic issues by embracing Triple Bottom Line.

The concept of Triple Bottom line is just a popular concept that has been applied in the understanding of social duties among companies that are. The Three Ps of the Triple Bottom Line.

The Triple Bottom Line: What Is It and How Does It Work?

So, let's look at the three bottom lines – People, Planet and Profit – in more detail. People. Companies that follow the triple bottom line way of doing business think about the impact their actions have on all the people involved with them.

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The concept of the triple bottom line
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Triple Bottom Line (TBL)