The cheating scandal rises in a

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Volkswagen sales dive in Canada, rise in U.S. after emissions scandal

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German new car sales rise in November, unfazed by VW scandal

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She did not make further comment as to whether he quit or was let go because of the information leak.

America's biggest teacher and principal cheating scandal unfolds in Atlanta

Volkswagen Profit Rises, but Diesel Concerns Linger ($ billion) -- despite a one-time charge of billion euros related to the company's diesel-emissions cheating scandal. Despite Volkswagen's emissions cheating scandal causing a financial fallout of 24 billion in fines, buybacks & repairs they reported a rise in 1st quarter profits.

Mitsubishi Motors Corp on Tuesday posted a 22 percent rise in second-quarter operating profit, beating estimates, as strong sales growth helped to further drive the automaker's recovery.

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But Thompson’s relationship with Kardashian’s family — who spent the holiday all together in Los Angeles — is still frosty in the wake of his cheating scandal, according to the source. “Khloé’s family can’t stand Tristan,” said the source. "Cheating robs children of a good education and hurts kids and families," Attorney General Kane said in a statement.

2012 Harvard cheating scandal

"The alleged misconduct by these educators is an affront to the public's trust.

The cheating scandal rises in a
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