The bisleri water

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Is TDS Level In Bisleri Bottle Right For Drinking?

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Why Is There Plastic In My Bottled Water?

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This endorse is so informative and very important. Bisleri is a brand of mineral bottled water in India. Bisleri has 60% market share in packaged drinking water in India. Bisleri water is a product of parle brand. THE STORY It began with a quest.

To find the purest water in the world. And it turned into a pilgrimage of sorts.


A pilgrimage that witnessed the sacred purity of the mighty Himalayas. That absorbed the serenity of Mount Kailash. About Us. Bajaj Processpack was founded in by a group of technocrats and engineers, who were pioneers of this industry with decades of experience in food processing and packaging industry.

Over the years our company adopted and integrated latest technologies available worldwide and collaborated with key international players.

According to the sources, Bisleri contains mg/L. This means that the water is very soft and good to drink at the same time. This means that the water is very soft and good to drink at the same time. PROSPECTS Bottled water performs well as focus shifts from hydration to functional benefits.


Bottled water has performed well in terms of volume and value as consumers look for clean and pure water. Bisleri Water Bottle Our company has been engaged in offering Bisleri Water Bottle that is procured from esteemed vendors.

This bottle is packed with clean and safe drinking water. This bottle is packed with clean and safe drinking water.

The bisleri water
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