The benefits of having one common language around the world

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What would be the advantages and disadvantages of having one world language?

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High Performing Culture

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What are the Benefits of Learning English?

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One big question is how a common language would affect our diversity as a species. Language is not only how we express ourselves, but it also affects how we view the world. The rise in prominence of one language over another has a lot to do with shifting political fortunes and balances of power.

If one nation or region suddenly becomes dominant in world affairs, there would likely be great incentive to communicate with the. If only one universal language is spoken and understood around the world intercultural communication would certainly improve. However, this has a price, thus diversity on this planet will be diluted.

What would be the advantages and disadvantages of having one world language?

Today nearly every country you go to has a different spice to it which is what makes traveling so interesting.

Yes to a Global language! Using one global language to communicate would improve life in the work field. It would be easier to simply understand one another if everyone had at least one language that was known all around the world.

So, when someone is seeking to receive benefits paid for out of the heavy taxes levied on his hosts, it is right to expect him to apply for them in.

One of the advantages of having one world language is that people would be c a ble n t o t alk with each other using by their one mother tongue. They don't need neither translations nor interpreters, so they can understand each other fast.

The benefits of having one common language around the world
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The Power of a Common Language | High Performing Culture