The battle at gaugamela

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Gaugamela (331 BCE)

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Battle of Gaugamela, 331 BC

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Battle Animations

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by Marc G. De Santis.

Battle of Gaugamela

On the morning of October 1, bc, two great armies drew. The Battle "Having thus marshaled his men, he caused them to rest for some time, and then led them forward, as he had resolved that their advance should be very slow.

On Sept. 30, BC, the fate of the Greek and Persian empires was decided on a plain 70 miles north of present-day Irbil, Iraq. Alexander the Great faced King Darius III, also called Darius Codomanus, in battle near the hamlet of Gaugamela.

Alexander was forced to achieve two separate, very diverse goals in this battle: hold the Persian wings in check and crush the Persian center.

On Sept. 30, BC, the fate of the Greek and Persian empires was decided on a plain 70 miles north of present-day Irbil, Iraq. Alexander the Great faced King Darius III, also called Darius Codomanus, in battle near the hamlet of Gaugamela.

Decisive Battles was a television show that depicted historic conflicts using the game engine from Rome: Total War to present 3-D simulations of the battles.

Battle of Gaugamela

The show was hosted by Matthew Settle, who usually traveled to the sites of the originally aired on Fridays on the History Channel, and ran for thirteen episodes in mid Reruns of the show air on the History International.

The battle at gaugamela
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Alexander vs. Darius