The amritsar massacre committed by the

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The Amritsar Massacre

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Srebrenica massacre

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10 Brutal Atrocities People Continue To Defend

It has its critics of sadness, as well as padding. An ancient Indo-European language, Sanskrit is widely believed to have been introduced to the Indian subcontinent by outsiders who called themselves "Aryans" (or noble ones) and who progressively.

The Portugese were actually the first European power to come into contact with India when Vasco de Gama sailed into Calicut in After that date, Portugese ships would frequently return to Europe laden with spices and commodities that would fetch fabulous prices.

Srebrenica massacre: History of the Srebrenica massacre, the slaying of more than 7, Bosniak men and boys by Bosnian Serb forces. World War I pitted Germany, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire against Great Britain, the United States, France, Russia, Italy and Japan.

New military technology resulted in unprecedented. Massacre of Amritsar: Massacre of Amritsar, incident on April 13,in which British troops fired on a large crowd of unarmed Indians in Amritsar in the Punjab region (now in Punjab state) of India, killing several hundred people and wounding many hundreds more.

It marked a turning point in India’s modern history. In January a young police officer named John MacLennan committed suicide in his Ho Man Tin flat.

Massacre of Amritsar

His death came mere hours before he was to be arrested for committing homosexual acts still, at that point, illegal in Hong Kong.

The amritsar massacre committed by the
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