Sabbath roots the african connection

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They shall be an achievement to all flesh. Sabbath Roots: The African Connection iggybacking on recent archaeological discoveries that call Africa the "Cradle of Civilization," Charles E.

Bradford's latest (and, he says, his last) book traces the seventh-day Sabbath from Eden to Canaan to Egypt to Israel, back to Egypt, and from there to Ethiopia and other parts of sub-Saharan Africa. July - August The Sabbath Sentinel.

Sabbath Roots -- The African Connection by Richard Nickels Black Africans have a unique proclivity toward accepting the seventh-day Sabbath.

Charles E. Bradford, author of Sabbath Roots: The African Connection, brings to light many surprising historical facts.

Sabbath Roots -- The African Connection

Those of us who have been schooled in European civilization may be shocked to realize the existence and widespread nature of unvarnished Christianity in black Africa, for centuries. “Serrastretta was founded by Jews escaping persecution, because of its remote, mountain location,” she said, intimating that there are still many Jews in the area and elsewhere in the Italian south, either hidden in plain sight or forgotten all together.

Sabbath in seventh-day churches

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Sabbath roots the african connection
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