Ratifying the constitution

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The Constitution of the United States of America

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The places: “out-of-doors” in newspapers and pamphlets throughout America’s thirteen states and “in-doors” in the state ratifying conventions. Following the Constitutional Convention, a great debate took place throughout America over the Constitution that had been proposed.


In andfollowing the Constitutional Convention, a great debate took place throughout America over the Constitution that had been proposed. Ratifying the Constitution. The United States Constitution occupies the central place in the American political system.

The Constitution embodies the basic principles of the federal government and defines both the powers granted to the three branches of government and the checks intended to limit that power.

However an amendment is proposed, it does not become part of the Constitution unless it is ratified by three-quarters of the states (either the legislatures thereof, or in amendment conventions). The following is a record of each ratified amendment and the states and dates that led to the ratification.

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Ratification is a principal's approval of an act of its agent that lacked the authority to bind the principal legally.

Ratification defines the international act in which a state indicates its consent to be bound to a treaty if the parties intended to.

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