List the activities which have potential environmental impacts in a pint industry

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The environmental impact of paint is diverse.

Environmental impact of paint

Traditional painting materials and processes can have harmful effects on the environment, including those from the use of lead and other additives. Measures can be taken to reduce environmental impact, including accurately estimating paint quantities so waste is minimized, and use of.

Nov 03,  · Need Answer Sheet of this Question paper Contact us at [email protected] M: BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT CASE 1. Measures can be taken to reduce environmental impact, including accurately estimating paint quantities so waste is minimized, and use of environmentally preferred paints, coating, painting accessories, and techniques.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency guidelines and Green Star standards can be applied.

Environmental impact of paint

3. POTENTIAL ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTS, KEY FINDINGS AND RECOMMENDATIONS The following environmental impacts have the potential to be generated during the construction and operation of the Project: § Dust and odour nuisance § Water quality impacts due to emergency discharge of untreated sewage or discharge.

BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT List the activities which have potential environmental impacts in a pint industry. CASE 1 Q1) Imagine that you are in-charge of a major chemical plant, manufacturing points.

List the activities which have potential environmental impacts in a pint industry
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