Hiv aids in the workplace

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HIV, STD, and TB Services

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HIV AIDS Training, Education and Policy

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MANAGING HIV / AIDS IN THE WORKPLACE EMPLOYERS HANDBOOK FOR ACTION ILO Subregional Office for Southeast Asia and the Pacific Manila, Philippines HIV/AIDS is a devastating health condition that affects every sphere of society including workplaces. It is for this reason that some companies are formulating policies and programmes that are aimed at removing stigma and discrimination and provide information on benefits for infected or affected employees.

Policy HIV/AIDS and the Workplace Policy provides specific information about [name of organization] on-going commitment towards awareness and education, prevention, employee support and care.

Workplace HIV / AIDS programs: an action guide for managers.

Note: As this policy is a rights-based policy, it is recommended to include the preamble of the provincial. In House Training Programs. HIV/AIDS. HIV/Aids Awareness Session; The Management of HIV/Aids in the Workplace. An HIV/AIDS workplace policy provides the basic framework for company action to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS and to manage its impacts.

The policy should serve .

Hiv aids in the workplace
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