Ford pinto was the decision not to install the rubber bladder appropriate

Ford Pinto

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Ford Pinto Case. 9 Pages. Ford Pinto Case. Uploaded by. Was Ford’s decision the best one available at that time? 3.

What are the other possible alternative decisions they could have considered? it is a better option than the first – and will be the best if the next option was not given.

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Install the $ rubber bladder around the. Chapter 5 Ford Pinto Case Question 1 The decision not to install the rubber bladder was not appropriate for Ford ethical or profitable. 5 question framework 1 published this.

Was the decision not to install the rubber bladder appropriate? Use the S-question framework to support your analysis. 2. What faults can you identify in Ford's cost—benefit analysis?

3. Should Ford have given its Pinto cus- tomers the option to have the rubber bladder installed during production for. say. ? required by provincial regulation. Actually Ford just needs to modify Pinto in some way such as with a rubber bladder in the gas tank o a piece of steel between the tank and the rear bumper.

A rational customer would not choose to save a few dollars to having. Goodyear had developed the bladder and had demonstrated it to the automotive industry.

Ford Motor Company ran a rear-end crash test on a car with the rubber bladder in the gas tank. The tank ruptured, but no fuel leaked. On January 15,Ford again tested the bladder and again it worked. The remedies available to Ford included mounting the gas tank above the rear axle, which would cut down on trunk space, or installing a rubber bladder in the gas tank.

Ford experimented with the installation of rubber bladders but apparently decided they were not cost-effective.

Ford pinto was the decision not to install the rubber bladder appropriate
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