Decline of strike activity in the uk

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Why are there so few strikes?

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Thatcherism and the End of the Post-War Consensus

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The future of American unions hangs in the balance

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History Fieldwork – Do Our Students Get Out Enough?

Return of the KILLER SMOG: Worst pollution in 60 YEARS to strike Britain TODAY SOME of the worst air pollution since The Great Smog of will hit Britain in just HOURS, the Government has warned.

Stewardship of the earth: Politicians typically seek solutions with their own interests in mind. Faith groups, on the other hand, focus on helping the vulnerable populations most. Looking at the figures over the year period from tothe North East has shown the highest strike rate (26 working days lost per 1, employees) and East of England has shown the lowest strike rate (seven working days lost per 1, employees).

Singapore is a unique Asian gem, often called the Switzerland of the east. It actually may remind you of what America used to be—reasonable rates of taxation, tough punishment for criminals, favorable business climate, and slender, attractive women.

Most advanced industrial economies experienced a reduction in strikes during the s, but it continued longer and further in the UK. 4 The official figures record three different indicators of strike activity: the number of strikes, the number of workers involved, and the number of “working days lost”, which I will call “strike days”.

In the s these indicators were all at historically high levels, and fell dramatically in.

History of trade unions in the United Kingdom

Union membership peaked inbut in fact the number of strikes had been declining in the ls as well, from around 5, a year in to 1, by l The difficult economic climate, and the decline of piecework bargaining (which had encouraged strikes), all contributed to this decline.

Decline of strike activity in the uk
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