Commemorating the mexican victory over the french army

Remembering Mexico's Victory Over The French

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Museum of the Kansas National Guard

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Cinco de Mayo

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The battle that decided the victory of France in Mexico

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Remembering Mexico's Victory Over The French May 05, Today is the th anniversary of Cinco de Mayo- commemorating the Battle of Puebla-in which a ragtag group of Mexican fighters soundly defeated the French army on May 5, An interesting RANR officer's commissioning certificate with connection to the French Merchant ship Pierre Loti who was taken over by Free French force in Commission certificate to Allan Creswell Keating Esq.

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This one is quite different though. The story is interesting in a sense that the Mexican army, though little, has won over the French army, which has thousands. It took place in May 5, in the small town of Puebla. This victory has become so remarkable that it became a huge celebration from that point onward.

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Battle of Puebla

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Commemorating the mexican victory over the french army
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