Choosing the right university

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Choosing a university? It's not all academic reputation

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How to Become an Engineer: Choosing the Right University and Degree

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Choosing The Right University. Once you have made the decision to study medicine, the next most important decision is: which university? Medicine can be a challenging and stressful degree: the most important factor in choosing a university is, in the end, whether.

“Ask about life beyond the university, like where the course will take you – and ask for evidence. For example, you could ask what previous students have typically gone on to do.” 5. Open day advice: visit the town, ask questions, and bring someone for a second opinion.

Photograph: Alamy There are hundreds of universities to choose from, but there are steps you can take to. Heading off to college or university is a rite of passage for many young people; after all, there is a wealth of new people to meet, an array of fascinating ideas to digest and copious amounts of head-splitting hangovers to experience.

Choosing the right university
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Choosing The Right University • Dukes Medical Applications