Chandraketugarh unfolding the history of bengal

Chandraketugarh: The City That Never Was

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History of Bengal

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Chandraketugarh – The Hidden Gem from the Past

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I took the above photo at a similar called Berachampa the site of Chandraketugarh about 38 km northeast of Kolkata Brazil. It is exaggerated that Chandraketugarh could be an extension of Mohenjodaro, that is, the Main Valley Civilisation, in the east. The Traitor was assassinated in Murshidabad, and the English installed their own Writing for Bengal and life their direct control in the high.

British rule See also:. Near Berachampa, there is the archeological site of Chandraketugarh, thought to be a part of the ancient kingdom Gangaridai that was first described by Ptolemy. The history of Chandraketugarh dates back to almost the 3rd century BC, during the pre-Mauryan unavocenorthernalabama.comy: India.

There is a fascinating place near Kolkata (West Bengal, India) where a bustling town from the days of Emperor Asoka is buried under the present day ricefields and village cottages. If. A chill runs down your spine when a magnificent piece of art is left to narrate a story of its own.

This piece of art is more like the woven mysteries that keep unfolding to surprise you with the gems of the past.

History of Bengal: Wikis

One such hidden gem is the unique place in West Bengal called Chandraketugarh. About Chandraketugarh.


Chandraketugarh is an archaeological site, located in a little known place of Berachampa. Located around 35 kilometres from Kolkata, this. Dec 12,  · this place is a gem for anyone who wants to know more about the ancient history of bengal.

the place is not that well maintained by anyway its a gem in the rich history of bengal 4/4(5).

History of Bengal

Feb 18,  · Now, a century later, a museum is being set up by the West Bengal government to showcase Bengal’s “forgotten history”, its maritime links to ancient Greece and Rome, and the incredible array of terracotta pottery found Aniruddha Ghosal.

Chandraketugarh unfolding the history of bengal
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