Casablanca the greatest screenplay

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What are the best ever screenplays?

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Casablanca is a American romantic drama film directed by Michael Curtiz based on Murray Burnett and Joan Alison's unproduced stage play Everybody Comes to Rick' film stars Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, and Paul Henreid; it also features Claude Rains, Conrad Veidt, Sydney Greenstreet, Peter Lorre, and Dooley during contemporary World War II, it focuses on an American.

Some facts about the writing of the film: • Julius J. & Philip G. Epstein were twin brothers who had separate Hollywood writing careers until they became a team in • Howard Koch wrote the famous “War of the Worlds” radio broadcast that scared millions of Americans into leaving their homes, thinking the country was being attacked by Martians.


This may just be what makes a good script good, but for some reason Casablanca has more than that. The camerawork is not spectacular, but it accomplishes everything it needs to do.

Cassablanca, greatest script ever...

There's no attention-grabbing shots like Citizen Kane, at some point you kind of forget you're watching a movie. 1.

Casablanca (1942)

CASABLANCA Screenplay by Julius J. & Philip G.

12 Reasons Why Casablanca is the Greatest Film of All Time

Epstein and Howard Koch. Based on the play "Everybody Comes to Rick's" by Murray Burnett and Joan Alison. Essay about Casablanca: the Greatest Screenplay Curtiz’s film, “ Casablanca ”: “With the coming of the second World War many eyes in imprisoned Europe turned hopefully, or desperately, to the freedom of the Americas.

When Quentin Tarantino accepted his Oscar for best screenplay this year, he said would be the "writer's year".

'Casablanca' tops list of 101 best screenplays

While directors and actors tend to get the lion's share of glory, film-makers.

Casablanca the greatest screenplay
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