An understanding of the strong adhesive properties of the gecko

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Properties, Principles, and Parameters of the Gecko Adhesive System

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Leaping lizards: Research tests the limits of gecko adhesion

Understanding the Gecko adhesion system on all size scales enables us to effectively model and evolve synthetic dry The extraordinary adhesive properties of gecko lizards have been amazing scientists ever since.

strong adhesive surfaces with vertical micro-fibrillar structures similar to that of a real gecko that can attach and detach from surfaces viacontrolling the peel.

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Nov 03,  · The strength, clean use and reusability of the gecko grip has inspired many to create a dry adhesive by attempting to synthetically replicate these desirable properties in.

Some physical properties of PDMS are listed in Table is optically transparent ( – nm) [, ], is biocompatible [] forms conformal contact (van der Waals contact or molecular contact) and has a low surface free energy (is hydrophobic; contact angle with water ∼°).It has a unique flexibility with a Young’s elastic modulus of E ≈ 1–3 .

An understanding of the strong adhesive properties of the gecko
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Interesting Gecko Adhesion Facts