An experiment to determine the effects of music listening on doing the treadmill using the chi squar

Based on the results of this thesis it is recommended that coaches, athletes, and intelligent exercisers consider listening to music during monstrous to enhance performance.

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Before, on a treadmill you have set your custom. This study examined the effects of loudness and tempo of background music on exercise performance. A total of 30 volunteers performed five min exercise sessions on a treadmill.

The modern treadmill found in today's fitness centers offer runners a high degree of programmable sophistication, incorporating the latest advances in technology and innovation making the treadmill an irresistible training tool.

In conclusion, in this experiment, we did not observe any differential effect of acute exercise or passive music listening on creative thinking performance.

We have discussed various reasons for this observation as well as highlighted areas in need of future research. In an experiment on the effects of running on stress levels, one group of participants is tested after running on a treadmill for 30 minutes. A week later, the same group of participants is tested after resting on a bed for 30 minutes.

The Impact of Music in Memory

This experiment was done to investigate the effect of music on an athlete’s performance. The experiment was done comparing the distance ran by 2 groups of participants on the treadmill. One group of participants was exposed to music while running on the treadmill.

According to Fassbender (), music does have an effect on memory, music during a study or learning phase hindered memory but increased mood and sports performance.

An experiment to determine the effects of music listening on doing the treadmill using the chi squar
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