An analysis of the verbal aggression in message behavior

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What is Verbal Behavior?

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Preventing Bullying by Linda Lumsden looks at the problem of bullying and its impact on victims, the fact that educators often ignore bullying and its disasterous consequences, discusses steps schools are taking, ways peers can discourage bullying, and identifies other strategies that are being used to prevent bullying at school.

Verbal Behavior is a book by psychologist B. F. Skinner, in which he inspects human behavior, describing what is traditionally called linguistics. The book Verbal Behavior is almost entirely theoretical, involving little experimental research in the work itself.

It was an outgrowth of a series of lectures first presented at the University of Minnesota in the.

Verbal aggressiveness

Verbal aggression is message behavior which attacks a person's self-concept in order to deliver psychological pain.(Infante, ) Studies of verbal aggression have focused primarily on children and adolescents in educational and social settings.

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An analysis of the verbal aggression in message behavior
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