An analysis of the matrix trilogy by the wachowski brothers

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The Wachowskis

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Science Fiction

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An analysis of the matrix trilogy by the wachowski brothers

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Storyboarding & UX – part 1: an introduction

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Analysis Of 'he Matrix By The Wachowski Brothers, And Its Exploration Of Christianity Words 7 Pages 'The Matrix', a film by the Wachowski Brothers, is a psychologically disturbing film that questions the reality of our existence.

The Wachowski brothers insist that the trilogy is not meant to reflect one consistent set of symbols or any single religious or philosophical system. Instead, they claim, the films draw upon an eclectic array of sources in order to forge a new, universal mythology.

It's The Questions That Drive Us In essence, philosophy is about asking the big questions of life. The Matrix Trilogy is philosophical precisely because both the characters and the plot are driven by the big questions from almost every area of philosophy.

Below is a listing of some of the major branches of philosophical thought, and a brief survey of some of the questions that the films raise.

An analysis of the matrix trilogy by the wachowski brothers
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