An analysis of the effects of globalization on music

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The Globalization of Popular Music, 1960-2010: A Multilevel Analysis of Music Flows

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Concretely, the authors analyze the. globalization has emerged as a key perspective across the humanities and social sciences, a current undoubtedly affecting the discipline of communication. In fact, the globalization of culture has become a conceptual magnet attracting research.

The Literature Review section discusses the most important issues established on globalization, on its effects, on the U.S. automotive industry, and on the effects of. Globalization of Media: Key Issues and Dimensions 69 and Venezuela dominate much of the intra-Latin American trade in film, television, and music.

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This may be a bit off topic, but one of my favorite examples of globalization is on popular music, specifically the blues. We start with musical traditions from East Africa that slaves take with them to America, which grow and morph to become gospel music, work hollers, and the blues.

Here, I will focus on the position of music publishers and record companies as part of the music industry, leaving a fuller description and analysis of this industry to others. At present, as Table 2 shows, a few record companies dominate national music markets as well as the global marketplace [ 16 ].

An analysis of the effects of globalization on music
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