2 the therapeutic nurse client relationship

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Nurse–client relationship

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Professional boundaries

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The Importance Of The Nurse-Client Relationship

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Phases of the Nurse-Client Relationship: • Pre-Orientation- Self assessment examine own feelings, fears, anxieties.

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• Orientation – Introductory Phase establish trust, share information with client; discrete self-disclosure. convey support, facilitate healing educate Phases of Therapeutic Nurse- Client Relationship—cont’d. *most difficult but most important phase of the therapeutic nurse pt relationship *helping the pt work and grow through the termination process is an essential goal of each relationship *learning is maximized bc of ^ levels of trust, intimacy.

Which response by the nurse illustrates a therapeutic communication response to this patient? A. “I see.” A patient’s unresolved feelings related to loss would be MOST LIKELY observed during which phase of the therapeutic nurse-patient relationship?

A. Trusting B. Working C. Orientation While it is true the autonomy is a basic. According to C and P (,) Peplau had described nursing as an important therapeutic interpersonal process; by using good communication skills the nurse can establish and maintain a helping nurse client relationship Hildegard Peplau’s theory is based on the principles of person’s relationships.

A therapeutic nurse-client relationship is established for the benefit of the client. It includes nurses working with the client to create goals directed at improving their health status. [6] Goals are centered on the client’s values, beliefs and needs.

therapeutic nurse patient relationship enable the nurse to appreciate the uniqueness of human behavior and establish healthy nurse-patient interaction (). In psychiatric nursing field, the therapeutic nurse-patient.

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